You might have played so many brain teasers in your life, but, not like the one which I’m going to review today. Brain teasers are of many types which are original as well as copied. But, it’s very rare to have an original brain teaser in your App Store. So we have something for you called “dispair”. Developed by Siegfried Schulz, dispair is a unique and challenging mind game.

In the beginning, you may find the game a little bit hard and you’ll be confused about what to do. But, as you play again and again you’ll get to know about the trick and will be able to solve the puzzle quickly. There are 5 levels of the gameplay. You can play level no 4 for free and levels 5 to 8 through in-app purchases. Moreover, there are 2 modes of playing despair: Beginner and Professional. You can play either of the two modes.

Now, the main objective of the game is to find out the series of hidden letters placed in a row. The original letter sequence is placed and hidden at the top of the screen and is marked with ‘?’ symbols. You’ve to find out the correct sequence of letters, which have to be placed below the original one. But, you have to do this within a limited number of moves so as to gain scores. If you score well than you can save them and see the rankings on the website of despair. Because you can publish a performed game in the rankings on the Internet.

The user interface is very intuitive in nature and the app icon is inspired by the google colours. There are a transparency option and demo animations provided for you to help you solve the puzzle respectively help you to understand the gameplay. dispair offers a high interesting wealth of game variants, especially for beginners and children and for easy and short entertainment.

dispair is not so easy as you are wondering. You’ll find it hard to solve the higher levels even if you’re an expert in playing these kind of puzzle games. Your excitement will be more when you play it and will learn how to play the game.

You can avoid a permanent check on the Google Play if you have already purchased the levels on your SmartPhone. This will help you to play the game any where at anytime, even on the plane without having an Internet Connection.

Seriously, what I liked about the game is the concept and the skilled in-app options provided. It will never bore the users and it will finally relax their mind.

So if you’re looking for an engaging as well as challenging game, then try out this Android version of dispair!

The app is available in 8 languages and is free to download from the Google App Store.

Grab it before it’s gone!

Pros: challenging game; unique concept; brilliant graphics; without the demos a little bit difficult to understand because of the quite new concept; different modes and levels; hint selection, simulations, and demos provided; free and in-app purchases as well; comfortable game play access; a huge wealth of game variations.

Cons: no saving in dispair Internet rankings without Internet connection.