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However, everything is done professionally well from Digital Marketing Company in India as you uncover many salient SEO practice features which just show how much care was put. People adore with various SEO strategy practice, it’s really beneficial for users. Below are given some of the Best SEO practices followed by Digital Marketing Company in India.

Publish Quality Content                   

If the content is good, users will stay and spend time reading it. This would affect your bounce rate and time spent on site. If the content is superlative, people will link to you, which would be important ranking factor.

Choose the Perfect Keyword

When you have fascinating keywords with estimated search volume in front of you, you must always take the competition into consideration when selecting. In case if you can’t manage to rank at all, pick a keyword that is less competitive. If you are well experienced then you could move on to more competitive keywords.

You must Use Keywords the Right Way

If uses are writing an article for a website you must always have the main keyword in mind. Also don’t have to mention this keyword a certain number of times to make your content SEO friendly. Make sure to mention this main keyword or key phrase early on in your content which primarily send a signal to Google what the content is about.

Best to Optimize the Title Tag

It is studied that your title tag must generally contain your main keyword, to naturally reflect the context of the page. Moreover the title tag usually comprises 50-60 characters where perfect research suggesting titles that are between 15 and 40 characters have the highest CTR.

You can optimize images

The best practices for image optimization are naming the images with an appropriate name, using the alt text to describe the image, and keep the file size down. 

Effect of URLs and Breadcrumbs

It is seen that instead of URLs, recent time Google is now showing breadcrumbs. So if you don’t have breadcrumbs properly implemented, then Google will actually base them on your URLs.  Make sure your URLs are fairly short and descriptive as it would be a representative of the logical structure of your website.

Benefit of Site Speed

It’s known fact that site speed generally affects your rankings, both directly and indirectly. As crucial it is to satisfy Google’s algorithms so that they give your users a great experience.

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