You might have heard about Charlie. But we’re not talking about the one from Charlie’s Angels. We’re talking about the web app that’s intended to help you get acquainted with your clients before you actually meet them in person. But if you haven’t heard about it, just wait a while as its developers are about to launch the application in the App Store. The launch will be placed this week on June 4th. But before the application’s finally available for everybody to download, let’s first find out what all the hype is about.

It’s very normal for a businessman to have several meetings a day with different clients, many of whom he might not have even heard about before. So he has to do a lot of preparations before finally appearing in the meeting room. He may ask his partners or existing clients about the who’s who of this new character. But time is money here and it costs heavily this way. The final resolve is Google but it’s also a reiterative process where you go through several sources again and again before finally coming up with the name of your client’s wife, which is irrelevant.

Now here comes in Charlie with a brand new, smart and time-effective solution. It integrates with your iPhone work calendar and collects all the required info regarding your meeting schedules, client names, etc. It does the entire Google search with far more sources on its menu than you could ever imagine. So while you may skip the recent updates about the rival companies of the client, Charlie won’t. It knows the basics well and therefore even the tiniest of useful information won’t miss its eyes.

You know that our ancestors were all hunters-gatherers? They used to collect vegetables, fruits, meat, etc, boil them all in one bowl and eat. You can imagine how awkward it tasted. Similarly, if Charlie just writes down all this info randomly on a piece of paper and hand it over to you, it’d be nothing more than a puzzle that would take you more time to decode than Charlie saved you previously. But thank the developers of Charlie that it doesn’t. Charlie uses a neat, clean and well organized format with highlighted points to help you quickly understand the facts and settle them in your mind. You get an email an hour before your meeting and that’s enough to command the meeting in your own way.