Developed by TRRAIN Circle Technologies Private Ltd, Kirana Friends-News & Experts is a business app that helps Kirana store owners increases their sales by providing them with knowledge and advice from Kirana experts. It also has a wide variety of tools and services to improve store operations.

Key Features of Kirana Friends-News & Experts

Kirana Friends offers a wealth of features to help Kirana store owners increase their business. It provides access to knowledge and know-how of running their business, such as usage of Kirana technology/business billing software. It also has an ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and partners for business growth, and a network of other Kirana store owners throughout India. Kirana Friends also offers free meetings with Kirana experts to improve store business plans and operations, free videos and articles with tried and tested retail techniques, free guidance in transforming stores into supermarkets, and the chance to interact with other Kirana users.

Benefits of Kirana Friends

Kirana Friends can help store owners by modernizing their Dukaan, growing their Vyapar, clearing doubts and questions, planning for festivals and trends, and enhancing product offerings. It can also provide assistance in understanding the significance of modernizing Kirana Dukaan, selecting the right techniques to grow a retail store, and adhering to modern management principles like smart billing system. Kirana Friends can also help with expanding and growing a Kirana business, getting the Kirana Store online, obtaining information and knowledge to transform a business, and keeping up with the latest customer needs.

Who Can Use Kirana Friends?

Kirana Friends is designed for owners and managers of supermarkets, Kirana Dukaan owners, and those who want to improve their business. Supermarket owners can use the app to effectively manage their company, control inventory, and provide excellent customer service. Kirana Dukaan owners can learn how to transform their business into a modern enterprise, and receive guidance on how to design an appealing product within the constrained Dukaan size/space.

Get Started with Kirana Friends

Getting started with Kirana Friends is easy. Simply download the app, register and login with your mobile number, and create your Kirana store. You’ll then have access to educational content, expert advice, and more services.

Final Thoughts

Kirana Friends-News & Experts is an essential app for Kirana store owners. It provides access to knowledge and know-how of running their business, an ecosystem of suppliers, vendors and partners for business growth, and tools and services to improve their store operations. With the help of Kirana experts, Kirana store owners can modernize their Dukaan, grow their Vyapar, clear doubts and questions, plan for festivals and trends, and enhance product offerings.