Some people say that game can be relaxing, yet addicting at the same time. You might find that hard to believe until you play the game Shapes on your smartphone or mobile device. This Android app is a great way to blow off some steam, and relax with something that can be a little challenging, yet intriguing at the same time.

This Android app is a simple little game with a simple concept. You are given the picture of an object and several shapes that make up that object. It is up to you to put those pieces together into the shape you saw. It sounds simple enough but can get more challenging as the game progresses. The graphics are very simple as you are using basic geometric shapes to make up another basic geometric shape. And the controls are even simpler, allowing you to touch and move the pieces where you want them to be. You can turn them and angle them as necessary so you can complete the puzzle as fast as you want to. To help relax while you are enjoying the game there is some great music playing in the background that has a soft tone, and it blends perfectly with the simple shapes you are playing with.


The game will of course start out pretty simple and continue to get harder as you go through different levels. The higher the level you have achieved the harder the difficulty. There are over a hundred different levels giving you plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself or just sit back and give it a few tries.

I love the basic concept of the game as it is a great break from games that are overloaded with graphics and long story lines. The concept is refreshing and while the first few levels do seem quite easy, I’ve had to look up some solutions once I got past level ten.