Are you worried about prying eyes checking through your mobile and those private files? Stop worrying now with LEO Privacy Guard. It is a highly trusted app designed to ensure better privacy so that your private photos and videos are completely safe. With this app also be rest assured that for keeping your personal things personal you need not to save them in cloud or trust them with any third party, LEO Privacy Guard keeps your personal data locked in your own device so it is safe in every way. To put it simply, this application locks your data in your own device through passcodes or fingerprints ensuring that no one but you can access them.

Every image and video that you would like to keep hidden, now you can hide them safely with Privacy Guard and you can complete this task with maximum ease.This app is known for its high flexibility. Even when it comes to locking your personal folders with Privacy Guard you can either opt for any from PIN, Touch ID and Dot Lock. This not only gives you high flexibility to pick the best way of locking your data, but also to settle for an option that suits your needs in the best way. This app can also be very effective to understand if your mobile device is being subjected to snooping when you are away. So, understand your security level with this app and take the right steps to ensure that your privacy is actually protected.

To add to the flexibility, this app lets you add any photo or video to private folders through a simple swipe. So, now you do not need to postpone the task of transferring your files to the private folders only because it will take time; the copying task can be completed quickly and with complete ease. The other special feature of this app is that it gives you a Private Camera for capturing fleeting moments silently and to save them into your private folder. You can also have quick access to the Private Camera from notification, which makes it actually ideal for capturing any moment silently. The Safe Box feature lets you store your personal information, like that of credit card and membership card information safely in your device and the Device Monitor enables you to monitor total usage of data and the condition of battery in real time.


The current version of this application is V 1.6 and it is available in multiple languages. The app requires iOS 7.0 or above for smooth running and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Privacy Guard also supports Apple Watch and it takes 19.8 MB space in the memory of your device.

Good: This app ensures that all your private data stored in your mobile device is safe from prying eyes and also with that gives you maximum flexibility and a bunch of other features.

Bad: No bad reports about this app have been received yet.

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