The L0v3 Internet Download Manager is a downloading iOS App to fall in love with right away. This is because a person will find sheer delight whenever the use it to download files straight from the internet on to his or her iPhone, iPod, or iPad. This is because the L0v3 really does make one love and appreciate it right away. It is an iOS app that does it all from a total downloading aspect that is very convenient, easy to use, and very user friendly in all the right ways that a download manager should be from the very onset.

What is also very great and ideal about the L0v3 is the fact, it is far more than just your average download manager, and this is because it does come complete with lots of other things. These other things do include a video player, music player, and a web browser as well. It also has a PDF Viewer too. Therefore, this makes more than just a download manager, which doesn’t contain all of these needed accessories.


The L0v3 Internet Download Manager is put out by Ngo Duc Quoc and it is an iOS app that can also do other things. A person can open up multiple file formats and is a complete file manager pro as well. It is easy to download files to the L0v3 with lots of ease and love. The only thing a person has to do is this. They just tap and hold on any link to download any file that they do wish to have for themselves. The L0v3 does downloading, amid other things, with lots of precision and love that will make downloading an awesome thing to do all the time.

Overall Rating for L0v3 IDM (iOS App):

(i) Concept: The overall concept of this downloader manager is unique and different. This is because it isn’t designed just for downloading alone. You can also play chosen files that are downloaded as well.

(ii) Visuals: The visuals that are associated with this iOS App are awesome. Because they give one a very realistic view at this application and see it in the light of day for what it is and can do on the average.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is warm, easy to master, and does attract one to use it a great deal. This is because it isn’t exclusively about just downloading and that is it. It is about so much more in detail.

(iv) User Experience: The user experience with this iOS App is great. User experiences will vary from person to person, as each person is different, and so will their needs be for this application. But overall, it is fantastic, and not just for downloading either.