Many people would like to see what they would look like bald, but would never shave their head to make that discovery. With the Make Me Bald app anyone can have that chrome dome look without the hair loss. While this app is fun, it does not work on many pictures. It tends to distort the background and make some pictures not bald, but appear as though they have massive head trauma.

Like some other apps, Make Me Bald uses an aligning tool in which the eyes and mouth are matched to outlines so the app knows where to stretch the image. The app appears to use the forehead and stretch that part of the image over the top of the head. When this happens, the background behind the top of the head gets pulled along with the stretching of the forehead part of the image. Because of this trait, many of the pictures that are put through this app will turn out distorted. It does not have an option to search and download images, such at those of famous people, and most of those would not pan out well because they are often at angles or with background scenes.


Make Me Bald only works well if the persons forehead is visible in the original image. When the person has hair down to their eyes, the result is a mess of blur similar to the person’s hair color. It only makes the top of the head bald, leaving hair on the side. This can look weird and sometimes funny when the person has long hair, such as a woman with her hair let down over her shoulders. With this app, her image would be a bald top with the same long hair, which can look creepy. While this is fun to see, it wold be nice to have an upgrade that takes all the hair off, so we could see how a person would look like completely bald, especially for pictures of a friend who is proud of her flowing long hair.

With these limitations, Make Me Bald has its place and it can be a fun party activity. The best way to use this app is to have the person comb back his or her bangs and take a picture against a plain white background while looking directly at the camera lens. This is demonstrated in the sample picture in the app. With the white background, any distortion will be unnoticeable, and the bald head would be the center of attention. Another tip is to have any friends with long hair tie it back behind their shoulders so that they will have the bald effect without the long hair making them look creepy. Also, experiment and have fun using makeup, accessories, props, and wacky facial expressions. Use your imagination to get hours of fun out of this app.