Jelly Splash by Wooga is a brand new block puzzle and jelly popping game available for all iOS mobile platforms. Millions of people are already enjoying its large colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay.

This type of popping game is ideal for tablets and smartphones with any size of touchscreen, and they follow a fairly standard formula which doesn’t require completing a steep learning curve between one developers’ game or another. If you already play any of the other matching colors and objects games, everything here will be familiar, and you can jump into this one immediately.

Looking a bit like the iconic Tetris at first glance, Jelly Splash is clearly another matching jelly game with jellies arranged in a grid and a specific number of moves allowed to complete each level. Connecting jellies creates combos which will destroy rows, award bonuses, and give you a high enough score to conquer each level and progress to the next arrangement. As the levels progress in difficulty and complexity, obstacles such as blocks and dark slime have to be circumvented or destroyed along with required number of jellies.

Unlike the majority of blasting game clones out there, Jelly Splash allows the player to connect similar jellies diagonally as well as in the more traditional horizontal and vertical manner. For instance, you can connect two jellies on one row, go diagonally to connect three more, and then finish the line with another three vertically. The longer the line you create, the higher the score will be, and the more new jellies will drop into the grid to replace the ones which have been popped. Bonus stars are awarded depending on how high the score attained for each level is, and these add up to allow access into later levels.


The cute jelly cubes come in several vibrant colors and are animated with sleeping faces. These blue, red, purple, yellow, and green jellies are also easy to differentiate by shape. Some have two ears, some have a lump in the middle of their heads, some look as if they have permed hair, and some are just plain old jelly cubes. The yellow ones look a bit like Lisa Simpson from the cartoon series.

As they are selected, the lines of jellies open their bulgy eyes. Connected lines of jellies then vanish in small pools accompanied by a plopping sound. If you finish each level without using all the alloted moves, the game goes into a chaotic “Splash Time” bonus round and destroys all the available combinations for you automatically.

Using Super Jelly power-ups leads to much excitement if you have been struggling on a difficult level for some time. It is always extremely satisfying to see all those annoying jellies turn into pools of goop with a Super Jelly smart bomb!

With it’s “Saga” map elements placing you in Jelly Land, Super Jelly power-ups, and amusing characters, you would be forgiven for thinking that Jelly Splash is a game meant for small children. It is, but it’s also great fun for adults too. Popping games aren’t new, but Wooga have created a very addictive one here.