People download apps for so many things that they do every day. There are apps for job search and selling. How would you feel if you had an application to showcase your skills in the field of entertainment? There is an app named Make Easy that allows people to ask for services they desire and also to sell one among them.

Falling under the entertainment category, the app Make Easy asks you to sign in as you download the app. All that you must do is, create a profile either as a client or as a service provider. You can choose any profession to sign up with. You can be a dancer, a masseur, a belly dancer or a model, just choose the job/service you do and meet with people who need your service.

If you are a client and want to engage with these professionals, then just start with the search button in the app, and find those who have a good profile. The app filters results by showing those who live within the radius of a few miles. This helps you to better filter those whom you want to get in touch with and eliminate those who might be difficult to reach.

Make Easy helps you to search for masseurs, models, belly dancers and other professional dancers just by typing in the search icon. Once you connect with them, you can form a group by adding individuals and begin to chat with them. You can also exit from a group that you don’t like to be in. Apart from connecting with individuals of the same interest and profession, the app gives you the advantage of finding someone who could be an awesome companion.

You can find a company in case you are out for a dinner party or any other special occasion – like a race, a movie night or so. To be with that special someone who could make you happy is something you can cherish your whole life and Make Easy paves way for that. The simple and easy-to-interface and no high fee makes Make Easy the best companion when you want to look for or sell entertainment services.

The team is active on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and you can follow them to know more. Make Easy can be downloaded on Android devices that run on 4.4 or later versions and iOS devices operating with versions 11.0 and above. In-app purchase of Make easy user and provider access come at a price of $0.99 each.

Make Easy is a wonderful place when you want to meet new people either for work or more.

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