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ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi

ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi Earnest

3D one touch game

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Summary: ZIGZAG TAP TAP TAXI is an exciting endless level-base game in which you touch and hold the screen to build the road, release the touch to place your road, if your road too long or too short, your car will fall.


ZigZag Tap Taxi

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Endless run games are the trend of today’s generation. Everyone from young kids to adults like to spend their time with these games and take time off from their hectic schedule. These games are not as complicated as the other games and their controls are so simple that it doesn’t take a kindergartner more than a minute to figure out how it works. With such games there is no worry of the game ending as you can always keep playing it for hours as long as your concentration does not waver. With the same scenario throughout the game, it is always easy to jump back into the game and it also offers a lot of replay values.

‘ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi’ is a mobile based app that is an endless run game that works on the concept of cars.

Developed by:

ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi’ app is created and offered on the internet by ‘ Watanabe Studios’ for free as a casual game genre.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi’ app on your device. Now launch the game on your device and start playing it. Choose the car you are going to play with and start the game. Now tap and hold on your mobile screen to lay down the roads for the car to pass through and make sure that you do not lay down the roads too long or too short or the car might fail to pass through. Collect as many coins as you can during the ride so as to unlock new levels and buy new cars.

Features of the app:

ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi’ has many cool features which are listed here.

  • Addictive and interesting game
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High definition quality graphics game play

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