Scheduling for meetings is one of the most tiresome tasks in business/workplace. When you bring a group of people together, there are so many factors that you must take into account. Meetings can be done with perfection when you prepare for them. One way to make the most out of it depends on how you schedule them, choose your date and time and make a note of other essential things. This can be time-consuming and can involve a lot of unnecessarily long email chains.

You have to fix the meeting in coordination with others’ schedules and whatever may be the obstacle, there are apps that help you handle all of these perfectly.  You must ensure that you bring all those available for the meeting on the best date and time to meet, make everyone’s availability feasible and ensure you don’t mess with the time slot. All of this can be achieved with a unique productivity app named Calendar.AI.

Calendar.AI is suitable for download on both iOS and Android devices. It helps you know everything about the people and companies you want to meet. When you get started with Calendar.AI, you must sign in with your work email that is Office 365/ It saves a lot of time when you schedule and prepare for meetings. Users can schedule meetings faster without to-and-fro emails. One can add private notes, agenda and action items to the calendar events with this app.

Calendar.AI brings everything to a single place and this would be of great use to you as you prefer to make every meeting that you conduct to be successful. The best part of using this unique tool is that it helps you to search for people and different firms without any hassles. Users will be able to discover everything and gather insights of the people they are going to get in touch with. Every single detail like the company info, participant’s profile, photos, work history and a lot more can be known with this. This quick access to the details of the person you are about to meet helps make every meeting of yours count.

Users can turn the meetings into a successful one as they fetch the meeting goals, relevant emails and documents of all the participants on this app. You can sync your calendars across multiple accounts like Google Calendar, Office 365, and Outlook calendar. It also comes with a neat calendar widget with good weekly calendar that can be marked by agenda /day/3 days / week calendar views. People can add video conferencing links like Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams & Skype. Private notes, agenda, meeting minutes, broad meetings are the other things that can be added to the calendar events.

Once you start using this app, you will be amazed to see the utilities for yourself. The clean interface of the app with options for smart scheduling, calendar tool integration, meeting transcriptions, and the user-friendly dashboard make it the best out of all the meeting organizer and business scheduling/calendar apps. Calendar.AI has made my meetings and appointments so efficient and helped me keep track of my life with much ease.

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