Get paid to watch TV?  Count me in!  All you need to do is “check in” via Viggle on your phone while watching TV.  You can earn bonus points for featured shows or events, and even participate in live games during the broadcast.  My husband especially enjoys earning points for me while he watches sporting events, and plays along in the fantasy leagues. 

You can chat with others about what you are watching on TV, and link the app to Facebook.  The best part of the social interaction is the online trivia.  During the program on TV, you can play trivia and face off against other Vigglers.  Viggle also enhances the TV experience in special events like the Oscars, SuperBowl, or season finales.

I have experienced some difficulty with the app freezing, and I have had to reinstall it.  Since the reinstall, I’ve experienced no problems.  I mostly run the app on a wi-fi connection.

The time it takes to earn points are definitely worth it.  Viggle offers good rewards like restaurant gift cards or discounts, movie tickets, and, if you are really dedicated, there are some big ticket items, too. You can also use your points to enter a variety of different sweepstakes.  Some of these contests are for high-end headphones or even a NYC Experience!  Vigglers can donate points to some favorite charities as well


You could even use the app to teach teenagers about saving up for a special something that’s not based on cash.  (Of course, that could backfire on parents trying to curb TV watching.  Lastly, you can earn points by watching commercials on Viggle.  I’ve found that you can watch some commercials endless amounts of time, and continue earning points.

You may have noticed that I been referring to the user as a Viggler.  Yes!  Viggle is an experience.  Don’t delay, become a Viggler today! 

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