Gratitude Tipping is an application which helps you to figure out how much you should tip bar staff, waiting staff, cab drivers, as well as hotel employees across the globe. This app helps you understand the varying tipping culture from country to country. In addition, Gratitude will split the bill so that the cost can be shared between you as well as your buddies.

Tipping supplements the income of millions of workers worldwide and it is always gratefully received. Whilst every country has a different expected tipping range, you can always rely on Gratitude to perform the hard work on your behalf. As a matter of fact, the amazing app will be able to locate the country you’re in and inform you regarding how much you should tip depending on the bill amount as well as the level of service users received.

It would be sensible for any person who wants to travel extensively to visit Gratitude’s blog which provides advice on tipping etiquette, inspiration for travel and links to guest blogs . Moreover, the app will enable you to know which restaurants are of top quality, which establishments are the best for groups, and also where you can expect to get the best service.

Apart from being extremely user-friendly, this app will help you to avoid any socially awkward situations where you do not have much idea regarding tipping culture. Furthermore, Gratitude will prevent the users from committing tipping faux pas across the globe. It is going to save the user from the embarrassment of under-tipping somebody while allowing him to save money by not over-tipping as well.

Being designed mainly for travellers, this app is useful when you have the need to calculate an appropriate tip, no matter which country you’re in. There is also a mini travel guide which will help give tips and advice for the location you’re staying at, such as, but not limited to, tourist hot spots, hidden gems, language advice and must try food and drink.

Key Features:

  1. Helps to calculate tips
  2. Built-in algorithm
  3. Asks for the bill in every language
  4. User-friendly
  5. Helps to split bills
  6. Enables the user to rate the service


If you would like to go for a unique app which is extremely user friendly, Gratitude Tipping will not disappoint you. You’ll be assured of getting 100% satisfaction as well as peace of mind after using it.