There are lots of mobile puzzler games that one can come across on the market. However, they come with varied gaming experience in relation to their mode of play, functionality, design and user-friendliness. As a player, the level of satisfaction can also vary depending on the nature of the game. Cute VS Evil app game has proven to be an exceptional puzzler game and its users are overly satisfied with its performance, storyline and design. 

Being a product of TiTon ApS, this app game has taken a different perspective when it comes to formulation. It has actually integrated a perfect mix of bubble shooting and classic swiping elements. This is to ensure that its players can have an easy time playing the game and record high scores upon completing levels. With the storyline focusing on assisting the Cute family to overcome the intruding evil, it is a task for player to assist them in saving their world.

Getting Into the Game

Once the game has been installed, the player will discover how easy it is to learn and get started in playing the game. The technique of swiping and popping has been adopted by the developers in helping the player eliminate the Evil from the world. One will discover that the game is filled with hundreds of addictive and fascinating levels that come with a challenging exposure. 

What is the secret to completing such levels? It is all about using gaming experience and skills and perfectly monitoring the moves in order to easily locate nearby intruders (the Evil). There are gold coins earned upon reaching high scores and completing different levels. Such rewards can be used to boost the performance of the game thus facilitating quick completion of different levels.

Suitable Devices for Cute VS Evil game

The current compatible devices for this game app include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. These devices have exhibited great capabilities of supporting the app and boosting its performance. Also, iOS 8.0 or any latest version available can work efficiently with this app.



Here are the notable features that one will discover from this app:

300+ challenging levels

Ready to try out gaming skills? Cute VS Evil app game is offering its players a chance to tackle over 300 levels in this gameplay. The levels are unique in nature and come with a challenging experience. Besides, the developers have integrated colorfully-designed locations that one come across while progressing in the game. It is time to tackle the levels and get rewarded!

Original gaming features

It is apparent that Cute VS Evil app game is the first game to provide its users with a mix of classic swiping and bubble shooting at the same time. Interestingly, the user-interface that has been integrated is absolutely efficient in supporting such elements. Thus, it becomes quite easy for the player to finish different levels with great scores after eliminating the Evil.

No Time Frame

Ever played a game puzzler that offers sufficient time to complete a level? This can sound quite interesting especially while playing the game for the first time. Cute VS Evil app game is keen on understanding all players’ needs by offering unlimited time to complete a particular level. Besides, when one gets completely stuck in a certain level, this app game is ready to offer the much-needed support.

Great adventure

Cute VS Evil app game introduces the player to an incredible epic adventure of helping Mr. and Mrs. Cute bring back peace in their world. The main mission is to completely eliminate the Evil intruding in their world. As a player, one is able to go through different locations including the “Pearl Bay” which is really fascinating in nature. At “Pearl Bay” the Cute family can swim or walk on “The Yellow Brick Road” as they continually express their love.

Earnings and Gifts

The player’s effort in this game are greatly rewarded with earnings in form of gold coins after reaching certain high scores and fully completing various levels. Such earnings which are gained from making perfect moves against the Evil and can be used to purchase upgraded features. Besides, they act as a great motivation to the player in achieving more coins to unlock new features!

Here are the Pros and Cons found in Cute VS Evil app game:


· Perfect mix of bubble shooter and Match 3

· Great graphics and animation

· Absolutely fantastic adventure

· Simple user-interface platform

· Numerous levels tackled and earnings gained


· Mild performance experienced

· No update leads to crashing

Final Verdict

Clearly, it is all about getting great fun and amazing gaming experience with Cute VS Evil app game. Designed with a unique setup and features, this game is deemed to offer a fantastic moment of gameplay to its players. The presence of quality background sounds, fantastic graphics and animation, hundreds of levels and user-friendly interface is a clear indication of how this top-rated game is simply the best. Why not get it today on the App Store? Download for free and get into the play mode!