NiftyHMS, developed by Dasinfomedia, is a mobile and web-based healthcare platform that stores patient records, provides access to remote consulting, and allows practitioners to manage patients in one platform. It is a patient-centric solution that is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Key Features of NiftyHMS

NiftyHMS is ideal healthcare software to complete clinic operations. It has a range of features that allow practitioners to deliver proactive patient care, improve patient retention and expansion, boost healthcare access, and increase revenue.

Queue Management: Automate reception desk tasks, improving the patient experience, serve more patients at the same place, collect data, and do more with less.

Vaccination On Board: Schedule and manage patient vaccinations, receive reminders of the next visit, get a vaccination certificate, spread awareness of vaccines, and make online payments.

Patient Pre-screening: Send pre-screening forms via WhatsApp before consultation, gather data for faster medical evaluation, reduce waiting time in clinics, and provide proactive patient outreach.

Appointment Booking On WhatsApp: Patients can book appointments via WhatsApp and gets a confirmation quickly, reducing staff workload and the need for extra app training.

Customized Patient Assessment Forms: Doctors can customize patient assessment forms as per their practice area, with all medical records of the patient on one screen.

Electronic Prescribing: Send e-prescriptions via WhatsApp with just a few clicks.

Billing: Collect online payments at appointment booking time and record all expenses and incomes.

Medical Reports: Easy to upload medical reports and share on WhatsApp, with record-keeping for future evaluations.

Pharmacy: Share e-prescriptions with connected pharmacies, which can dispatch and deliver medicines to the patient’s door-step.

Video Calling: Improve access to people who live in rural areas, and provide care for those who lack transportation to receive care in person.

Final Thoughts

NiftyHMS is secure, cost-effective healthcare software that is designed to provide patient-centric solutions. It is a comprehensive platform that allows practitioners to manage their patient’s records, appointments, payments, and more in one platform. It is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, allowing practitioners to deliver proactive patient care and increase revenue.