At first glance, the app seemed interesting. I liked the idea that an app could pinpoint my exact location and show me what that location looks like instead of just showing me a random map that would cause a lot of confusion. The download time for the Street View on Google Maps app was literally about two seconds. I also noticed that it would take up a total of 258KB on my phone, which was not as bad as some of the other apps available through Google Play.

When I opened the app, I realized it was an ideal fit for my life style. I love to travel and am constantly going to different places, and I can use this app as a GPS. I do not need a bulky GPS system because the Street View on Google Maps acts as one by finding my location and telling me how to get to other locations. It is easy to use. I simply type in my address, city and state to get an instant street view of my location. If I am headed somewhere else and I want to get a feel for where I am going, I can type in the same information to get a quick view. I can even take a look at the surrounding area by using my fingers to go up and down different streets that surround the address that I am headed to.


Even if I am not going somewhere on a specific day, there are times where I will just type in random areas to sight-see from my phone. I have been able to look at some of the famous landmarks that make different cities and countries famous, such as the Eiffel Tower. Seeing the street view of these popular places makes me feel like I am actually there.

I decided that I would download the Street View on Google Map app on both my LG Optimus F6 and my portable android tablet so that I could start using it when I have somewhere to go. The concept of this app is to help people get where they are going and discover different places, and that is one concept that certainly works for me. Overall, this app is ideal for teenagers and adults who travel with their smart phones and tablets and want to use it as a map or as a way to see new things.