Have you ever played a game having both puzzles as well as adventure theme? Are you confused? Fortunately, there are so many games in that category, but you may not be familiar with the best ones! Well, this is a major problem to choose among the great gaming apps. We see their ratings, reviews, graphics, gameplay and much more things to choose the best among those games. If we don’t like the app, we uninstall them instantly. However, if you consult some app rankings and reviews website, then you may know more about the new upcoming games. So, there is a new app which I’m going to review today, which is called Pandamino: Color Slide & Match. It’s not only the best puzzle game, but also has brilliant graphics.

Pandamino has been developed by exovoid sarl. It requires iOS 10.0 or any later versions of the OS running on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It’s a new match 3 style puzzle game with a unique storyline and hilarious characters- The Panda and The Cunning Fox.

The game offers over 200 levels for you to play. You have to go through an epic adventure around the world and defeat your enemy- the cunning fox. Your main objective is to help the Panda in finding the dominoes before the cunning fox finds, in order to earn maximum points. There are some puzzles which you have to solve to track down all the dominoes and complete your collection. You have to match 2 or more dominoes of the same color by sliding and flipping them.

With Pandamino, you can solve amazing challenges, mini-puzzles and explore as many places to fill your bag of lost dominoes belonging to your family. By using your own strategies, you can eliminate as many dominoes as possible. There are huge bonuses that you can collect to help you in your quest. But, this game only requires your innovative skills and creative mind. If you’re enough capable than you’ll definitely win the game!

Overall, Pandamino is a challenging and fun gameplay, which requires strategy and logic to play. If you find any problem while playing the game, then follow the tutorial provided by the app and learn the game in no time. You can play this game in offline mode where no wifi is needed! Isn’t that awesome? Pandamino is easy to understand and a little bit difficult to play. However, with the right strategy you can build Rome in one day! This game is recommended for children above 4 years of age.

So join Pandamino and Fox on their trip around the world now! The app is available for free on the iTunes Store. Get it today!

Pros: outstanding storyline; more than 200 levels to play; hilarious characters; covers epic adventure trips around the world; a variety of puzzles to solve; easy yet challenging gameplay; innovative; brilliant graphics; super-addictive; free to play.

Cons: none.