Reveal is one of the coolest apps on the iOS interface today. If you have a lot of friends and followers on iPhone, you should seriously consider downloading this mobile application. Essentially, it’s a social platform that allows you to share some of your best moments from the day. As the name of the app suggests, Reveal is all about revealing to others who you really are. By using the nifty features of this application, you can give suggestions and answer a whole host of different questions. You can even ask questions from others.

How Does Reveal Work?

When you first log on, you will see three tabs at the top of your screen: Friends, Trending and Everyone. If other people in your Contacts list also use Reveal, they will be listed under the Friends category. You can also look for Trending topics and search through Everyone in order to know what’s going on in the world of Reveal. You can ask questions from others by typing it down. There’s a small switch at the bottom that allows you to toggle between your anonymity.

You can also answer to specific questions by recording a video of not more than 15 seconds, or by taking a quick photo. This is a great option. Rather than typing down the reply yourself, you can just record it through your phone’s camera. The application also allows you to delete your own Reveals. Right under the bottom cover of your Reveal, you will notice a small button. You can delete your Reveal from there.

When asking questions, you can decide whether you want to attach a photo along with it or not too. For inviting other friends to the application, Reveal gives you Reveal Coin. This can be used for making your content more popular on the app. If your questions are answered by a lot of people, they may end up on the Trending page. You must attach Reveal Coin to a particular question. If the question is answered, the person who answers it will receive the Reveal Coin.

Is the App Worth It?

Reveal has a very colorful interface. Every time you switch through questions, the colors tend to change. The use of Reveal Coin is particularly interesting. The company currently isn’t selling any currency, though you can sell the coins that you have earned (through the stellar network).


Compared to other apps such as Quiz Up, Reveal is very different. In fact, the app is very unique in everything it does. The main premise of the app is to allow you to get to know others, and vice versa. By asking intimate questions and replying to them anonymously (or under your own name), you can initiate conversations with others. You can explore through different topics as well.

People can also answer your questions too. If a lot of people answer the questions, you will end up earning more Reveal Coin. All in all, Reveal is easily one of the most interesting apps to hit the iOS interface as of late, and is definitely destined for greatness.