A new application for the iPhone is redefining how users manage their life. No longer do we need to share personal numbers with co-workers or bosses. There is no more answering calls without knowing whether you want to take it or not. Imagine a phone number for family, another for friends, and another for work, maybe even one for school. The possibilities are almost unlimited on how you can define your life simply by choosing a new phone number. All this flexibility while using the same service provider is enabled simply through the power of an app.

Seamless Calling, Texting and Voicemail

One may wonder if these are simply forwarding numbers, or placeholders for your actual phone line. The answer is simply no. Each unique number is a real number with actual voicemail and even distinct rings. They are the property of the iPhone app holder and can be used for calls or texts just like a service-provider assigned phone number. Flyp users can choose custom area codes and custom voicemail greetings for each phone number, as well. More importantly, each number receives the same call quality as their original phone line.

It may seem that it would be cumbersome to organize all the different voicemails, texts and calls to multiple numbers on one device, but Flyp’s seamless integration of these features is met with attention to detail in the user interface design. It is easy to see which communication belongs to which number simply through an intuitive and color-coded labeling system. Interestingly enough, the user can even choose a Flyp number as their primary number for categorizing all these interchanges.

Control The Flow Of Exchanges

Suppose you are at work and can’t take calls from friends, but want to be available for family. With the control given through the Do Not Disturb feature, you can segment what types of calls you do and do not receive. Or perhaps you are interviewing for jobs and want to be prepared when employers call – simply set a specific number for your resume and send those calls straight to voicemail, or even set a custom Quick Reply text pertinent to the job search.

Needless to say, having up to 6 numbers for a low price of $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annually is like having Facebook pages to complement your personal profile. You can now separate whom you speak to, how you speak to them, and when you care to connect with a simple interface organized all in one place. Similar to the Hootsuite of social media, this collective organization is phenomenal for segmenting the messages one sends and receives without concern for mixing audiences.


The ways to use Flyp are almost limitless, and continue to grow as the company plans to add additional features like Group Calling, International Long Distance, Number Porting and Custom Quick Reply Voices. Apple is determined to outwit and outperform its competitors. With the Flyp iPhone app, they certainly are setting a new standard in Smartphone capabilities that will challenge even the Android lovers of the world.

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