Rock Like the Pros – Music Guitar Lessons, the well-designed music app for learning how to play the guitar is easy for you to find and download from Apple iTunes. Navigating through the many organized pages gives you a quick preview of the rich variety of lessons that you can find here. It looks like a complete music school in the form of a smartphone app! The lessons are highly accessible, and you can view at least a dozen free lesson videos without having to sign up or even enter any information.

You will immediately feel at ease as you watch and listen to each music lesson offered by the instructor, Terry Carter. Clear and sharp videos of fingering techniques along with a running commentary will instill you with the confidence that you need to go forward with your guitar training. You can hear and see exactly what your guitar playing should sound like and look like. Terry Carter, a gifted guitar teacher, as well as a producer and songwriter, with an impressive biography including his work with the band Weezer, Josh Groban, and Chris Tin. After spending time practicing different styles of guitar techniques with Terry in the free lesson sections of the app, it is easy and affordable to proceed with setting up a subscription account. At less than five dollars per month, it seems like a worthwhile investment for learning how to play the guitar properly.

The Curriculum contains sections for all levels of guitar players including beginners training, intermediate training, advanced training, expert training, classical guitar, and ukulele method. Subscribing on the app will give you instant access to well over 150 lessons that cover half-a-dozen different musical styles including Rock, Strumming Songs, Blues Soling, Blues Rhythm, Classical Favorites, and Ukulele. Along with techniques specific to each musical style, you will learn music theory and guitar playing basics that cover Moveable Chords, Scales, Notes on the Neck, Chord Charts, Rhythms, The Blues Form, and Articulations. Within each of these categories, there are additional sub-categories that reveal a seemingly endless supply of music lessons.


You can literally spend months and years making your way through the generous amount of information presented in this app. Like all excellent apps, there are regular additions and it appears that new lessons are added to the app on a weekly basis. The app even allows you to request a specific lesson from Terry. The best part about having music lessons from Terry Carter is that you can advance at your own pace and review the lessons over and over again any time that you wish. You will never run out of things to learn and music to play with this app. The well shot videos and ease of navigation make this app a pleasure to use. You can focus on the lessons and the music without worrying about the technical aspects of this form of teaching. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend downloading Rock Like the Pros Music Guitar Lessons. It’s a winner!