Gone are the days when we actually went to a bank branch for a transaction. Brick & Mortar Banking, which it’s more prominently called, has almost become a name eradicated from our dictionaries. But that’s not a bad thing to omit at all. Earlier, we used to spend hours standing in lines just to transfer a small amount enough to pay someone’s tuition fees. You could not perform transactions on holidays and a minute could cost you another day. Internet banking changed the scenario radically and now it’s the turn of Mobile-Banking to take the relay forward. In fact, according to a recent survey by Federal Reserve, 38% of people who have both mobile phones and bank accounts, use mobile banking which is a 33% rise in the numbers as compared to 2013. We need to welcome this change if we want to survive it.

Mobile-Banking is a facility that allows you to operate your account, manage it and perform all your transactions right from your mobile phone. Now you don’t even need to visit the website, thanks to dedicated mobile apps that have spread like virus in our systems. But these mobile apps, more or less, are nothing but the mobile counterparts of their corresponding websites. They certainly bring a change to the interface, but only to fit the screen space, not to use it.

A change to this thought finally seems to be rolling down markets very soon with Alfa Bank’s latest mobile app called Sense. Sense, as it has been defined, is based on the technology of “machine-learning”. So it has a brain of its own just like humans. Yes, you can call it Artificial Intelligence! So from the first day you start using the app, each and every second you spend on the app will be taken into consideration, analyzed and used to provide a better experience next time. The services that you use most frequently will be focused more and brought to the front. The user interface changes every 30 minutes. I hope if our society could reform that quick!


While Sense is distinguished in its build, it is as distinguished in the services it provides as well. It is the place where you can keep all your financial secrets and discuss your financial matters. For example, you can keep an account of all your monthly utility bills here and make sure you never cross the limit. If an urgent payment is awaiting you and you’ve forgot about it, Sense will remind you. It is your friend and financial advisor, both at the same time. Making transactions had never been easier. Whether the other person holds an account or not, you can always send him the money thanks to mobile-to-mobile banking. Just type in the mobile phone number and that’s all you need.

Sense is a gift from the owners of Alfa Bank to its customers and with a customer base well spread over Eastern Europe, the applause is sure to be very loud.