Implant Media provides CD, DVD, Blu-Ray duplication and replication services, promotional USBs, vinyl pressing, and print. When you use Implant, you can rest easy knowing that your discs are made in Australia. It has all of the usual side effects, such as local jobs and better working conditions, but it also means faster turnarounds and a higher quality product for you.

Whether you need CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Data Discs, Videos, or Audio CDs replicated and printed, we’ll find a solution at the best possible price and turnaround time.

Why Use Implant Media?

They specialize in printed USBs so that they can do things differently than everyone else. They have a select range of promotional USBs that we print here in Australia, allowing faster turnaround times! In addition to our extensive range of USBs, we also produce printed cardboard wallets that work perfectly with them, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. These covers are an Implant Media exclusive, so you can be confident that the products you create with us will not be available elsewhere.

A case is an ideal way to display your USB drive. The advantages of packaging – printed slicks, booklets, various finishes, and case options – allow you to include more printed information alongside your Flash drive in a more professional-looking package. They have a variety of cases that will give your USBs a professional appearance.

There isn’t much we can’t do regarding textile screen printing. It has the right solution to get amazing results on almost any material, no matter how many colours or complexes your design.

Melbourne has the largest selection of stocks and finishes. The high-quality business card printing is at an affordable price. On selected cards, same-day turnaround is available. Do you require design assistance? Whatever your business or industry, Implant Media can design the perfect card for you.

Final Thoughts

Implant takes pride in being an Australian company and sourcing components, and using Australian suppliers to manufacture the products they make for you. As a result, many of the products have been approved as “Made in Australia,” which means you can use the official “Made in Australia” logo on your products.

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