With the world in such a chaotic state right now, you just have to love an app that strives to make things better. War, pollution, animal cruelty – these are all causes that need our immediate attention. Unfortunately, it can be difficult addressing all of the issues that affect our great planet. 

Many people lack the time or the money to support the causes for which they feel most passionate. It is a common problem, but fortunately for the caring Android user, there is the Solidarity App. Created with the sole purpose of making the world a better place, the Solidarity App makes a donation to a worthy cause every time you use it. Here is how it works.


Step 1: Download the Solidarity App, browse the free apps and games available and choose one.

Step 2: Select one of the initiatives listed to make a donation to. 

Step 3: Download your app to make a small donation to the initiative of your choosing. 

Step 4: Feel proud that you are helping to make a difference! 


Why I Love the Solidarity App

I downloaded the Solidarity App and immediately fell in love with the idea. Being able to donate to a great cause without having to spend even one red cent is something you will never be able to do anywhere else. What’s more, you not only support a worthy cause, you get access to some really helpful apps and fun games for free as well. 

To make using the app even more fun, the creators of Solidarity App added a badge feature. Every time you download an app, you earn a badge. You can use these badges to encourage others to join and support your initiative. If you try enough apps and earn enough badges, you earn “star volunteer” for the initiative you support. It is a great way to show how much you care about others and the planet we live on. 

There are several inspiring initiatives from which to choose when you try different apps.

If the Syrian War has you up in arms, there are two current initiatives to choose from: 3DMena and Innovast. 3DMena is an organization dedicated to making 3D printed artificial limbs for amputees of the Syrian War. They also assist with physical and psychological rehabilitation.

If supporting animal causes are more your thing, the Solidarity App has something for you too. SOS Dolphins strives to raise awareness for and defend against the suffering and mistreatment of dolphins and orca whales in captivity. 

FAADA is an organization that works to ensure animal rights are recognized so they can live healthy, decent lives.

The Solidarity App features several other initiatives with many more on the way. 

The world we live in today needs our help to make it a better place. Now, with the Solidarity App, doing your part to make it so is not about emptying your pockets. You can show your support for the things that matter while enjoying a few new games and helpful apps on your Android device. Because it’s so easy; and because I want to make a difference, I plan to download free apps daily through the Solidarity App Won’t you do your part and join me?