PIN genie Vault — encrypt & protect is heading towards the front row on the market of safeguard as well as sharing your private files. The most enviable feature that the app provides is the end-user encryption. You can secure your personal files confidently with just 4 bulletproof buttons by utilizing the advanced file, video, and photo vault which are making this app be a highly advanced encryption based app on the market. Comparing to the so-called protection apps what is making PIN genie Vault unique is the ability to encrypt the files on your iPhone/iPad and finally store them on your iCloud account. This latest technology allows the users to select and then add your photos or videos, security notes, logins, IDs, location, important Contacts, and the secret bookmarks as well. The encryption strategies of PIN Genie Vault are literally phenomenal. The files will only be available at the recipient end once the user enters the 4-digit PIN that has been designed especially for the file. You can easily rest assured that all your files can only be accessed by the right person who has set the passcode.These innovative security features are provided using the state of AES 256 algorithm, which protects the search history of your browser seamlessly and retains your 4-digit PIN impenetrable too. The iOS users who are habituated to use iPhone’s TouchId, have been catered by this app to use this feature continuously. The app not only ensures the security of the content of your iPhone device, but also with an innovative sharing process in the privacy of the virtual vault makes the app be inevitable for them. Along with the maintenance of the encrypted status, the users can also have the option to share and transfer these files via dropbox, Wechat, email, and other trusted sites. You can also pixelate the faces Instantly while taking photos using this app. As far as PINs are concerned, the patented technology of PIN Genie Vault allows the users to even generate a decoy passcode in order to prevent the intruders from cracking the private code to your personal information.


With boasting some impeccable functions, PIN Genie Vault has a minor drawback. On Apple Watches, this app can only review the files. While iPhones and iPads are having full encryption capabilities, it would have been very nice if it would encrypt on Apple Watches too. Hopefully, future updates will enhance this capability to overcome this minor downside of this remarkable app.

All in all, this app is highly recommended if you really care about the security of your personal and private information on your iPhone. Further, in future, you will never have to bother about sharing your files having this app. Now you can erase all the file sharing apps in your Apple devices and replace themY with PIN Genie Vault, trending on the top in iOS App Store. Hence, if you are a bit worried whether your files in iPhone/iPad are actually secure enough — simply go to iOS App Store and download “PIN genie Vault – encrypt & protect” app today and ensure your safeguard for future.