Hands up all those who have played the Racing Penguins game? Well, if you love racing penguins, then you will also love Spider Monkey. Spider monkey bears many similarities with Racing Penguin and was developed by Top Free Games, who happens to be the same creators of Racing Penguin. If you’ve never played Racing Penguins, you will still love Spider Monkey.

Spider Monkey is a fun and cool game to play. It features mind blowing artwork which makes it all the more enjoyable. In this game, the monkey swings from tree to tree and picks bananas. You will have to demonstrate the agility of a monkey and the nimbleness of a spider to succeed at this game. You have to be quick in touching and releasing the trees, or your monkey could crash to the ground and end the game.


The game features 32 levels and 4 worlds, the Jungle, Beach, City and Rainforest. In order to unlock each world, you need to ensure that the monkey gets the required number of bananas to move to the next level. The higher the level, the more bananas are needed to unlock the level. This game is quite addictive as you find you want to go higher and higher in the levels.

Spider Monkey is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, you need IOS 5.0 or a later version to play the game. The app is however optimized for iPhone 5.