Rail Rush is a free game app available to those who like completing missions with fast game play. The first thing that will capture you attention is the mind blowing artwork and computer graphics used to get you jumping around as the game speed up.


The gist of the game is the hero (you) are riding very fast in a mining car, gathering gold, dodging obstacles, and finding hidden areas. Since their are missions to complete, you will frequently have to see where you are at and what you need to work on next. Gold and jewels are earned as you fly through the tunnels and caves that seem to go on for an eternity.



Controls are very simple, consisting of simple upward swiping to jump, downward swiping to duck, and your device left and right to miss various one sided obstacle. At first you may be frustrated with the speed of play, but you will pick it up quick, surprising yourself of how much the games control becomes dependent on your instincts.


This fun, addictive game will keep you trying. It becomes a vendetta to overcome each and every mission, allowing each level to gain just a bit more speed. It is an enjoyable, cool game and is most certainly worthy of a good sit down. Try it today!