From being a sport that was confined to the bars and pubs in general, darts have now become an everyday sport loved by most people. Dart throwing is all about the accuracy and the more you practice on it, the more your accuracy improves. This in turn improves your hand to eye coordination. While your brain is fully occupied with the focusing of darts on the board, it is highly possible that your brain relieves itself of all that stress stored inside it. Darts is a social game which means you are likely to develop many new connections.

‘Spinning Darts League´ is a mobile app that deals with dart throwing where you can play with real time players.

Developed by:

Spinning Darts League’ was designed and offered by ‘Gamasome Interactive LLP’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Spinning Darts League’ app on your smart phone or any other suitable devices. Aim the dart at the board and flick the screen to shoot. If you finish the set of game with minimal number of darts, you get higher points. When you play with other real time players you will be scored on the number of points you have taken in a matter of 2 minutes. When you finish a set using an electric dart, your scores gets multiplied. The electric dart gets charged during each match.

Features of the app:

Spinning Darts League’ has many attractive features which are listed here.

  • Improves your concentration
  • Play dart right from home
  • Play with real time players and challenge them
  • Earn trophies to prove your mettle
  • Compete against other real players to win cash and virtual money

Compatible with:

Spinning Darts League’ app works on devices that are powered by iOS.