The average human attention span is 8 seconds. With the rise of social media, youtube, netflix, etc. We get everything we need instantly with our phone. It’s impossible to consistently stay off it, so much so that it begins hurting our relationships and work life. Regular pomodoro timers are boring. Why not add an avatar that you study alongside with and give experience to? A collection of over 200+ items to collect, and a cool UI that makes it feel like more like a treasure quest than a pomodoro session. 

Developed by:

FocusByte – Focus Timer’ was designed and developed by ‘Dante Kim’.

How the app works:

Download and install FocusByte – Focus Timer’ app on to your cell phone or other mobile devices that are suitable with the app. It takes a lot of effort to stay focused on your work and study. This app makes these boring activities become an adventure. If you leave the app while your timer is set on, then you lose the treasure. Keep to the timer and you will be awarded with lots of coins and experience points which help you level up your character. Make a habit of using this application for all your works and stick to it as it will increase your productivity and help you use your phone as an useful tool.

Features of the app:

‘FocusByte – Focus Timer’ app has many attractive features of which some are listed here.

  • Customizable characters
  • Mystery boxes
  • Short and long breaks
  • Deep focus mode
  • Reminder notifications
  • Focus keeper
  • Inspirational quotes to keep the user focused

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