Taffy bounce is a lovely game for kids, anyone who tries this game will fall in love and will get addicted to it. If you really wish to give a good gift for your kids then cheap and best way to do it is purchasing this game. You can see your kids having fun all day just for less than a dollar. This game is full of Taffy candies. Like the taffy candies this game also very soft smooth for playing. Your kids will enjoy this game more than enjoying the taffy candies.

Like any other game we have a hero in this game as well, they call him the Taffy Prince. Idea of this game is to keep bouncing the taffy Prince and collect the taffy candies to keep him alive and save his kingdom. We have to control the taffy prince from falling down inorder to save his kingdom. Ideally we have to save the Prince inturn we will end up saving his kingdom. This simple and cool themed game is available for most of the idevices which has IOS 6.1 or later. This works greatly in Iphone 5 or higher as they have specially optimized for the screen size of iPhone 5 or higher.

Game controls are very simple and unique. just swipe to create a rubber like platform to avoid the candy prince from dropping down. Make the candy prince land on the rubber like platform we create by just swiping. We need to have a common sense to make the candy prince jump and collect the taffy candies. Save the candy prince from bombs on his way. Try to make the candy prince avoid bombs, just incase if he is hit by a bomb just make him avoid from dropping down that way he could live again. Some of the energizing factors which will help the candy prince to travel quickly are rainbows and birds. Rainbows will give a very little boost for the prince but the birds will skip him through map just in fraction of second.


The background music, graphics and animations are very unique matches for the game theme. The game is full of fun for kids, but it would have me more fun if we had few set back levels, like if we reach particular points or level the game should allow the players to resume from that points or it should have various challenges and levels to complete. It all a single level and we keep going on and on and on to save the prince from dropping down. When the prince drops down you have to start the game again from 0 points which is little annoying though. If we had levels to resume the game points or if we had some life (say 3 lives) for candy prince to resume the game play then it would have been more fun than now. Other than this small regret this game is absolute fun for kids.