If you are looking for a fast paced cool game that puts you in the seat of a restaurant cook, then look no further. Don’t worry about flipping burgers or trying not to burn yourself on a deep fryer. Instead this enjoyable game for the android system is available on any mobile device that uses android systems. But be warned this is an addictive game.
Start the game building a simple burger using the ingredients that you are given. Pay attention to the picture and the sequence that it is built in so you can get the job done right. Earn tips by building that burger fast and correct and earn your paycheck. The game unlocks new ingredients and new burger designs as you move along, becoming faster and faster in the progress. This fun game is worthy of your download space and it comes with mind blowing art work. Even though it is computer animation you will see a burger that you wish you had in front of you to eat instead of just trying to build it on the screen.


There are over 300 levels to try and reach with 40 different achievements. This game has over a dozen different ingredients with tons of different ways to make the burger. Keep your customers happy and build them the best burger they ever had. Can you become the King of burgers and unlock them all.