There are a lot of social apps in Store where only a few of them are worth downloading. Many apps facilitate only chat and texting and they are boring as usual. Recently I came across an innovative app that has taken chat and calls to the next level. It has added more flavour to the normal phone and text we make to our friends/family and it gives us a totally new experience of attending and making phone calls.

Designed by Flash App LLC, Flash: Full Screen Caller ID, belongs to the Social Networking category and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app helps you to share with your friends what you are up to. You can send hidden videos and also add a Caller Id to the people you know. In short, it is a combination of picture messaging and phone call that provides users with a refreshing way to communicate.

It helps you to chat and message with your friends in an instant. You can even create a group of your own and make your chat more interesting. It gives you a whole new experience of making and receiving calls. With this app, you can share a picture that might display on your friend’s screen with captions, stickers, & filters when you make a call to them.

With this most impressive Flash app, you can set a timer to the photos and videos and see them disappear after a certain time period. All that you have to do is to just pick a picture of your own, add your own flavour and just flash it. You can password protect the pictures you have taken with Flash so that everything remains confidential.

It is definitely one of its kinds and is most impressive of all the apps with its awesome photos and phone calls. It is a numero uno social calling app that facilitates and provides a complete new way to hang out with family and friends. Whether you want to spend some time with your friends, let them know where you are hanging out and with whom or share a throwback picture, everything comes in a flash with Flash – Full Screen Caller ID.

With Flash – Full Screen Caller ID one can easily organize hangouts, make inside jokes and more with “Hidden Flash” pictures and videos. Download this instant and convey whatever it is that you want to say, even before your friend answers your call.

Worth Having App – Download the App