Whether you’re on vacation, at a wedding or a festival, there are bound to be a lot of you taking pictures. Fast forward a week and you’re still asking your friends “Can you send me the really nice picture you took of us?” Isn’t it frustrating? My Wow Memories gets rid of that hassle and makes sure you have all your group’s pictures in the same place. The app is available to download on iOS.

It only takes a few seconds to create a group. You can create a group for anything, birthdays, vacations, road trips, you name it! Once you’ve created a group, you can invite your friends to it. You don’t need to invite people; you can just use My Wow Memories to organize your own photos and videos.

Once you’ve got the squad added to the group, you can all post pictures and videos there and easily access the shared media. Save your favorite photos to your phone or use the intuitive highlight maker to create reels and slideshows of your favorite bits. Share them to social media or save them on your phone, it’s up to you!

When many of us literally have thousands of pictures on our phone, it can be time consuming to try and find specific pictures. With My Wow Memories, you can quickly scroll through your events and find the right picture in seconds. Better yet, there’s no need to constantly ask your friends to share the pictures they took – let’s face is, that alone is a reason to download the app!

Check out My Wow Memories on iOS today.