These days, Adobe PDF documents are among the most widely used file formats. If you’ve ever downloaded a document or a printable form from the Internet, like an IRS tax form, it was most likely a PDF file. You may already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view PDFs. One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they may assist maintain document layout, so PDFs appear the same on any device. Moreover, unlike other file formats, like Microsoft Word documents, most PDFs are designed to read rather than edit or merge pdf.

However, you may need to make minor changes to PDF files, like highlighting text or adding a remark. Alternatively, you may require many pdf files to combine pdf into a single file. For instance, integrate your resume and cover letter into a single PDF to ensure that your resume and cover letter stay together. Other PDF editing applications may necessitate a premium membership since Adobe Reader does not support editing.

There are numerous free internet tools available for basic PDF editing if you don’t need all of the functionality it provides or If you can’t buy PDF editing software.

However, many of these pdf merger tools require you to sign up for or pay for things you do not require and display deceptive adverts. We’ve done our best to sift through these sites and present you with a shortlist of the most trustworthy and dependable resources.


DocHub is one of our favourite tools for making simple annotations on PDFs, highlighting text or adding comments. It also allows you to insert text into documents, so you may use it to fill out PDF forms. However, you cannot delete or alter any existing text in the file. Remember that to utilise these features and merge pdf files; you must first establish an account.

Online Office

We recommend Microsoft’s Office Online suite if you need to change the text of a PDF file or merge pdf files. Office Online is a free, streamlined version of Microsoft Office that can be accessed using any web browser. One of its most useful functions is converting a PDF to a Word document and making it easy for you to edit the document.

You may then make changes to the PDF’s text, add and delete entire pages, and so on. You may download the file once you have finished; if you prefer, Office Online can convert it back to a PDF. If you’re converting a complicated or large document, remember that the PDF formatting may not always be kept. However, in our experience, we’ve found this tool to be the most dependable way to merge pdf and edit the text.


Smallpdf is an extremely strong tool to split and merge pdf. You may upload numerous PDF files and then obtain a consolidated version as a single PDF file. You may also split a huge PDF file into many pieces, compress PDF files to make them smaller, convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word document, and combine pdf files via pdf combiner.