Android has not been very active recently with the Google app marketplace, but this may be about to change.

Google’s most recent I/O developer conference is reportedly going to annouce a new program to allow app makers to test their product on the Google play store to see which one most appeals to the public. Also known as A/B testing, this will allow developers to change various aspects of the app, such as color and price, to find the one consumers prefer the most.

A/B testing services, such as those from StoreMaven andSplitMetrics, direct potential app users/purchasers to mobile web pages designed to look like app store pages. Once there, customers select their preferred choices and that data is returned to the developer for final use.

Other topics that will be covered at the I/O developer conference include web integration of mobile apps, indexing of apps, and potential “progressive committment models” of apps before they are downloaded or purchased.