Recently I was introduced to Ulassa app developed by BESK Kft and I fell addicted. Everything from the concepts they are absolutely fantastic. I’d end up spending hours using this app because I had all the time in the world, and recommend this app to others also. Ulassa is an excellent app that is rich in features and has unique concepts.

The Ulassa app is professionally designed to help you in your daily work as a Scrum master or member of an agile developer team. It is strongly aimed specifically at remote teams; the upcoming first release will permit you to play online rounds of Planning Poker in order to collectively evaluate the complexity of your next development tasks.

How the Ulassa app works

It is highly noted that the Ulassa Planning Poker app uses digital estimation cards in just the same way as the analogue version, and actively follows a simple but incredibly efficient system.

Primarily the players make their own estimations by clicking on a card from the online poker deck. In addition each card has a value based on how much effort a particular user story would require. These values are ordered according to the Fibonacci sequence, which, with a few parameters, can be effectively used as a reliable indicator of exponential growth. This system also enables clear forecasts to be made and used in agile project management.

More importantly, the popular Planning Poker app also eliminates any ‘anchoring bias’, or the unconscious sway of other players’ points of view over one’s own, as others’ decisions can only be seen when everybody has finished making their estimations and clicking on the relevant digital poker cards. Moreover only then will the online Scrum board show an overall figure for how the Scrum members have ranked their effort estimations.

Work with your Scrum online and experience the benefits of the Ulassa app for yourself

The Ulassa app adeptly helps your Scrum team quickly and easily achieves meaningful results via mobile. Also not only does it facilitate agile project management, it also enables quality communication between all parties: from the stakeholders, to the Product Owner, to each individual developer.

Strongly achieve following aims

  • It is keeping feedback loops small
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reacting to new requirements in Sprint planning with no noticeable losses
  • Easily enabling close communication within the Scrum team
  • Optimising workflow in distributed teams
  • You can build a happy, motivated team through transparency and teamwork

Be safe and be productive

The world is changing daily in a way we’ve never seen before. Your Scrum Team needs to match that flexibility. Also it is understood that the need to work remotely, now more so than ever before, and we’re here to help your team be safe and productive during the challenging times we all face right now. You can supercharge your remote teams free for 14 days. You can power up your workflow with free licenses so your business can thrive while practicing social distancing.


As a fan of Ulassa app developed by BESK Kft it is one that did not disappoint. The features are interesting and make me think about from a different perspective now, and it’s just downright fun to use.

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