Azu – Forex beginner’s course

While the international trading market has become accessible to people, it has also become challenging to choose the right one. Before investing a trader should consider the pros and the cons of a financial market. Forex is one such market which requires a very less number of resources to start out. Forex is the most suitable market for novices and pros alike with its flexibility in terms of time. Forex is also known as ‘Foreign exchange’ and is a decentralized market used for trading purposes.

‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ is a mobile based app that receives forex alerts, commodity scores and index scores daily. One cannot miss even a single currency alert as it gives users multiple currency, commodity, crypt and index alerts regularly.

Developed by:

‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ is developed and maintained by Mdunge.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ app on to your smart phone or other similar devices. Now open the app and subscribe to the daily currency alert and turn on your notifications. The app allows you to share the alerts to your family and friends. It also lets you to check and share the currency strength along with the alerts. The app uses only trusted and verified sources so you won’t have any problem in reliability. This app takes away your trouble of opening your browser and checking if there has been any update on the forex market. Enter into a world of hassle free forex alerts by downloading te ‘Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ app on your device today.

Features of the app:

Azu – Forex beginner’s course’ has many exciting features. Some of them are listed here.

  • Trusted and reliable sources
  • Instant forex alerts
  • In built Quiz games
  • Learn forex

Compatible with: