Uvodo is an SMB eCommerce platform that focuses on conversion. There are no commissions or transaction fees on the platform, and it offers a completely free plan. Uvodo was founded by a group of developers with over ten years of experience in the eCommerce industry. The team had one successful exit prior to Uvodo in 2021.

Uvodo is a self-hosted, of any business. Furthermore, as the owner of the source code, you have source-available, headless eCommerce platform designed for online merchants, developers, and digital agencies. Uvodo provides a comprehensive set of eCommerce-focused features that can be customised to meet the needs complete control over the platform!

The application is written completely in PHP and employs Layered Architecture and Domain Driven Design concepts. Several frontend technologies, including ReactJS and TypeScript, were used for the Storefront, Checkout, and Admin UI.

How Did Everything Start?

Prior to Uvodo, we had a successful startup called Nextsale, which was acquired after three years of development. We discovered that many business owners faced common pain points while working with Nextsale, such as difficult setups, no local payment gateways, low conversion rates, high commissions, and the need for paid third-party marketing tools. Uvodo aims to address these issues by creating the highest converting eCommerce platform ever built. Their mission is to create the most profitable and user-friendly eCommerce platform for small businesses to help them succeed online.

As the eCommerce industry expands, new solutions emerge, bringing with them new problems. According to statistics, there is still room for new entrants to enter the market and offer unique features or target specific niches. Uvodo competes with market titans such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Weebly, and others.

Final Words

Uvodo is an eCommerce platform that provides free comprehensive solutions and tools to help businesses sell products online more efficiently and profitably.