Awario is a highly ambitious project with audacious people at its heart that aims to change the world market of social media intelligence and analytics. Awario is a social listening tool that provides brands with relevant data to their business, such as insights into their customers, market, and competitors. Awario began as a side project to another product from the same firm, SEO PowerSuite.

What is Awario?

It is a social media and web monitoring tool that will assist you in tracking brand mentions, monitoring competitors, identifying sales opportunities and influencers, and engaging with your target audience online.

Awario’s mission is to make social listening, social media analytics, and competitive intelligence accessible to companies of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to marketing agencies and multinational corporations.

Awario presumes data-driven decisions, and Awario believes that every business has the right to data about their market and customers. As technology advances, data will no longer be prohibitively expensive. As a result, we offer very low pricing tiers with Enterprise-level capabilities ranging from unlimited historical data to Boolean search to Sentiment Analysis should include in every strategy.

Awario Features                                                                   

  • Boolean Search
  • Sentiment analysis
  • White-label reporting
  • Email alerts
  • Influencer report

While marketed as a low-cost tool, Awario also includes Enterprise-level features such as sentiment analysis, mention maps, influencers report, a Boolean search mode, and white-label reporting.

Awario supports business owners in engaging with influencers and increasing brand awareness. The customer intelligence module of the solution includes continuous monitoring, reputation management, and impact scoring. White-label reporting tools aid in the export of raw data and the improvement of social listening. Awario is a monthly subscription service with customer support available via documentation, an online help desk, email, and phone.

Awario professionally includes social selling, lead generation, Boolean search, and the ability to prioritize keyword mentions. The users have an uncluttered social media routine because group shares and retweets are organized into folders.

Final Thoughts

Awario is simple to set up and provides quick information on any easy-to-read dashboard, but the best part is that you can generate leads by responding to comments online at lightning speed.

Web App: Awario