No matter how beautiful a house looks from the outside, the interiors decide how comfortable and luxurious it is. Similarly, you might fall for a phone because of its sleek body and robust design; it’s the inside of the phone that measures its actual price. Here I’m not talking only about the tech-specs that a phone carries in its backend but also the facial features that finally interact with you directly. One of these interactive features is the wallpaper. Yes, the wallpaper of your home screen which nowadays are becoming quite a hot topic for developers. Earlier, they were nothing more than rigid expressionless pictures that were in use merely for the sake of having a black screen otherwise. But as the phones became “smarter”, so did these accessories which now prove as a decisive feature in your phone for the first impression to be impressive. So do you have it?

I’m not talking about any random wallpaper, bought from the street-side, to be scraped onto your phone screen. We have this app called Weatherback Weather Wallpaper that’ll get you the best wallpapers. The app has been developed by aceou and is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0.3 or any later version of the OS.


As I said, don’t buy just any random wallpaper when you can buy one complementing the weather in your surroundings. Yes, with this app you can feel the spirit of the nature with the cold breeze blowing kissing your face like silk without actually having to open the window. What it does is fetch in your weather conditions using an in-built app and then sketches the same painting with a different style. There are many different effects such as rain, light rain, stars, ice, fog, thunder, etc with many of them having many sub-options. So for every different weather condition, you have 2-3 different wallpapers ready to amuse you.

I really liked the colour patterns of the wallpapers with different shades of colours being used. Different textures have also been experimented to a great taste and the overall variation is good. The effects are soothing and very realistic despite being static. This also means that your battery consumption is next to nothing. Also, you need not always follow the trend of the weather. Under the settings menu, you can change the effects to random and they’ll follow their own course from thereon. There is further control available including intensity, dust (parallax), scale adjustment, etc. So you can very easily customize all of them.

Though I really liked the effects, most of them are available under the paid version. So if you really want to get a taste of the good weather on your phone, you can buy it for Rs. 99.99. Otherwise, you can always go for the free version first. It won’t disappoint you either!

Pros: delightful shades and textures; realistic effects; many effects such as rain, stars, ice, fog, thunder, etc; battery consumption almost zero; free.

Cons: none.