It is always fun to host your games and enjoy playing and competing with your friends online. And if you have the perfect game server, it becomes even more leisurely and fun-filled for you to seamlessly relish into your favourite video game and create the best new record. The process is effortless, and you are free to focus on your console and screen to make it to the next round.

Various platforms such as Roblox, breakout escape rooms, or MPL gaming services use the latest and best gaming servers to conduct online game sessions and host competitive events and recreational meetings. So, keeping in mind the different reviews and comprehensive evaluation, we have also come up with a list of the 5-best gaming servers that deliver promising solutions to their users:

I. GTX Gaming

The first to host all games, the GTX Gaming server comes with robust hardware and a complete game serving host that provides professional control over your server and panel. Its low latency rate and total security against DDoS websites make it a very experienced and reliable game server. The multiple 10GB fibres ensure the lowest possible pings for your server and enhance the overall redundancy rate. And since it comes with a mobile control panel, you can also host your game or admin an event from work or when you are out on the road. 

II. OVHcloud                                        

OVHcloud is one of the best game servers available in the market and a personal favourite of many gamers. Each of its servers has an IPv4 and IPv6 address range and comes with the latest AMD Ryzen processors that allow it to deliver high-quality and speed performance. Its Anti-DDoS feature within your Game DDoS protects your server with two-way mitigation and ensures smooth running without any service issues.

The powerful processor with 1 Gbit/s bandwidth and ZEN 2 architecture is responsible for the server’s stable performance during online gaming sessions. And its water-cooling technology with a 99.90% service level agreement ensures to deliver the best available game playing experience to you. 

III. Liquid Web

The Liquid Web game server comes with high-level security and dedicated game hosting execution. There are both single and dual processors as game servers apart from the private and public cloud hosting facilities. It also protects your server from the attacks of DDoS websites and actively monitors any possible issues.

You are in complete control of your server under the Liquid Web, and it also helps your website gain speed and enhanced performance and a backup for your essential data in a secondary drive. Its server is available for both Windows and Linux OS. 

IV. A2 Hosting

The recent liftoff of a new dedicated game hosting server called the Bare Metal Dedicated Server by A2 Hosting has paved a new pathway for gamers and design enthusiasts. You can choose from an ADM or Intel processor and gain an NVMe storage for high speed and optimum performance. It comes with a free dedicated IP address and allows you to design your server with your team of expert helpers.

There is also the facility to choose from managed and unmanaged servers, use more storage and RAM for saving your data and gain easy control for hardware and network for your online games. 

V. Google Cloud Tech

Google Cloud gaming server provides you with enhanced multiplayer gaming experiences due to its multi-cluster Google Cloud management facility. You can easily manage the infrastructure of your global server and effortlessly develop your games without cutting out on the performance and final result. The game runs at a speed of 3.8 GHz and gets delivered in high quality without any interruptions and server lagging.

The provision of customized autoscaling, simplified deployments, single control panel, multi and hybrid cloud support deployments, etc., makes it one of the best gaming servers in the market. And you can also gain access to Kubernetes API and Agones that offer an exceptional online gaming experience. 


And with this, we conclude our list of the best game servers and dedicated hosting platforms. We are sure it must have given you an insight into what you should look for in a gaming server and the top marketing companies out there that provide the best services and offers. So now, you are ready to embark on your journey and analyze which products suit you the best and are the ideal choice for you.

Take your time and explore as many options as you can. And once you find the perfect match, go ahead and enjoy hosting your favourite game and have the best moment of your life.