As a fan of this app, I’ve discovered the Fave Places + Podz App developed by My Fave Places LLC to be a fantastic accolade gem among the recent flood of apps on the App Store and Play Store. I strongly suggest giving it a shot if you’re in the passion about some unique apps and want something truly unique.

My Fave Places iOS app is a practical way to organize and share your places, including categories, maps, and notes, to help users remember the places they like or want to visit.

This quality app for travellers, foodies, and bloggers allows users to follow their friends or influencers and see their recommended list of places. It also includes Uber and Lyft car services, geolocation, map views, Google/Apple Map directions, and articles on recommended places.

My Fave Places + Podz is the absolute best way to save, plan, and share your favourite places, be inspired, chat and connect with friends, and access excellent creator lifestyle content in one app.

Thanks to MFP’s clean A-Z list format, colour-coded categories and pins, chat, car service links, maps, and notes; you’ll quickly have the information at your fingertips. Make a list of places you’ve been, love, or want to visit. Connect with your friends, family, clients, and influencers to learn about their favourite places.

Do you want some privacy?

No problem, swipe, and you can also keep your locations and categories private. Today, ditch the business cards and cumbersome spreadsheets in favour of MFP.

Are you looking for ideas?

As a reader or creator, use Podz to enhance your lifestyle.

Why is it called Podz? Podz = parcels.of.delight(z)

Do you know how it feels to see a creator on Instagram or YouTube but only see the image and not much else? Podz is to solve this problem by condensing all of the behind-the-scenes information into one short, easy-to-find location.

Essential Features of My Fave Places + Podz App

  • Before registering, you can browse the MFP app and save up to 5 locations.
  • Using your phone’s geolocation, the MFP app can locate nearby locations and search for locations further away.
  • To narrow your search, use the Categories filter for nearby places.
  • Save ALL of your favourite places.
  • Use a feature-rich free text chat tool to collaborate with your contacts on events, holidays, meetups, business, and interest groups. You can send files, photos, gifs, audio recordings, and videos. You can control who can contact you by using privacy and ban settings. 1:1 as well as group chat
  • MFP saves your favourite locations in an alphabetical and colour-coded list. Don’t put up with coordinating coloured pins. The pins tell you if you’re in a bar, a restaurant, or a hotel.
  • MFP will fill your destination for you, allowing you to arrive faster.
  • Make a note to share your favourite waiter, table, or recommendation. URLs and emojis are permitted.
  • Email, Pinterest, Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter, text message, private in-app share, and chat recommendations to friends. Your Facebook friends can access the location you shared in the MFP app via a deep link.
  • Service links are provided, and your destination information is pre-populated.

What’s New?

  • MFP Chat is now accessible. Using a real-time live chat app, you can now create 1:1 and group feature-rich text chats with your connections.
  • You can upload photos, and articles, entertain Giphys, copy, share, and discuss your favourite MFP app locations. Excellent for determining where to meet friends.
  • Create group chats for family, friends, or colleagues. The creators can share their Podz with their followers.
  • Messages and thread replies can be edited, deleted, and emoticons added.
  • You and the person with whom you wish to chat must follow each other in MFP. Invite them to follow you if they haven’t already. You can ensure that there is consent to receive chat messages from people you know by mutually following one another. You can always opt out by using the built-in controls.

Final Say

Everything is done professionally well in Fave Places + Podz App developed by My Fave Places LLC, as you discover many notable features demonstrating how much care was put into the app during development.