Becoming social with the help of the plethora of platforms out there is not a big deal. But what do they give you in return? All the social media platforms take away your time and they do not give back the users anything in return. How about you have a platform that promotes its brands by giving out money to people. Doesn’t that sound amusing? Yes, the concept of Stimulus is amazing as it is unique when compared to other social media platforms.

The Stimulus platform promotes the brands with giveaways now and then. People can explore Stimulus, meet new people, make new friends and also win money. This space allows real people to interact with other real people and it is completely fun-filled. They are so transparent and they make people happy. Stimulus works hard to stop spam, fraud, and abuse as it verifies every person before they engage with Stimulus. The platform is currently available for all the users of the US. People from other countries can just follow others and get to view the stims.

Stimulus is well-built when you compare it with other social media platforms. The platform has plans to organize more giveaways in the coming weeks. All the giveaways in the app are integrated and they are completely verified. Apart from being the most useful platform for various enterprises to promote their brands, this also helps individuals by giving away money. All the generous people and businesses post different stims to promote their brand or service and they make Stimulus a lot more fun and engaging.

We can create an account on Stimulus by verifying our email and phone number and our profile will have all the stims, replies, photos, and videos that display our activity on Stimulus so far. Under the settings option, users will be able to turn on/off the email notifications and mentions in stims, and they can choose if they want invites to brands or not. I love the dark theme in the app for my profile and you can add a profile picture, give a biography, a location, and a web address if you own one for your business.

Stimulus displays the complete list of all the trending stims and whom you can follow by giving you recommendations of different professionals all over the globe. The app will not let you fall for fake profiles as they completely id verify every single account. The Stimulus for sure has made social media a happier place by encouraging generosity.

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