It is no mystery that our brain activity declines as we age. Nevertheless, research findings have shown that staying mentally active, notably at one age, can help maintain cognitive functioning. Brain training apps are presumed to be an effective tool for mental stimulation, but which one is ideal for you? We’ve picked one of the best brain training applications available, namely Readlax.

It offers an excellent simple platform that covers a broad range of features and motivates you to read and increase your vocabulary while keeping your brain in shape. The Readlax brain training app can facilitate you in getting better your memory, reading speed, focus, and visual span.

Critical Aspects of Readlax: Productivity Platform

Readlax includes free brain games and workouts. The application features Memory Training, Speed Reading, Touch Typing, Focus and Concentration, and Peripheral Vision.

Rather than identifying specific words, speed reading involves discovering and absorbing entire phrases on a page. Working memory is an exceptionally important system with limited capacity that can momentarily store information. Reasoning, decision-making, and discipline everyone necessitate working memory.

Reasons to Pick Readlax

  • Significantly improves concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Effective Stress Reduction
  • Effectively improves Learning Capacity
  • Increases Empathy Qualitatively
  • Expands Vocabulary

Readlax users ameliorate their reading speed by 50% on average in 2 weeks of training without forgoing comprehension.

How Does It Really Work?

  • Take part in mental exercises;
  • Highlight critical phrases in books and news articles;
  • Assess your reading comprehension and speed.

Readlax efficaciously tracks your workout progress by managing a reading and comprehension test. Why? Reading is a significant cognitive function that demands working memory, visual image, word encoding, and decoding, concentration, focus, and special awareness. As these mental abilities develop, the faster comprehension and reading will be.

If you’re in the attitude for some special apps and want something truly unique, I give Readlax a try. Eventually, this app provides users with a good variety that they can find in App stores.