Shopping is all time favourite for everyone. Technology has made it even simpler to get it delivered right at our door without moving a bit from our destination. Mobile technology with QR codes has made shopping easier. Mobile devices are getting more and more popular, and there is a growing trend among consumers for using a mobile device to scan a QR code at the store to get information about an item or to buy it.

 I am so glad I found Bottle Message! It’s a great way to find deals and messages from shops in your city. I like that it’s easy to use and it has a great interface. Plus, the app is always up to date with the latest deals and messages from shops in my area.

With the Bottle Message, you can find deals in your city and get them delivered to your phone with the tap of a button. It’s a great way to find deals on products that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. The scanning capabilities make it so easy to use. I recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an easier way of getting discounts!

A small description of the App

Free App without registration.

Our system works with Digital Business Cards.

Find Bottle Message QR codes in your city, scan them and save shops’ Messages in one tap.

Use Bottle Message App to get Daily offers from the local market. Simply collect offers from your favourite shops and be notified about every update.

What can you do with Bottle Message App?

– Get Daily offers from the local market

– Scan Bottle Message QR codes

– Save your favourite offers

– Have immediate access to the saved shops

– Get update notifications, once the offer was updated

Take Away

Bottle Message is the best app that I’ve downloaded in a long time. The interface is sleek, simple, and easy to use. I love scanning the QR codes with my camera on the Bottle Message website and saving Messages from local shops to get exclusive offers and discounts. Bottle Message is an all-in-one solution for shopping