With many interesting games discovered on daily basis this Wonder Zoo: Animal & dinosaur rescue game would certainly satisfy all entertaining features for users. It is illustrated that infamous poacher is threatening the animals of the wilderness.

So the users are going to head out on safari for rescuing them from danger and welcome them into your wonderful zoo. You could enjoy this popular and the wildest Zoo adventure on the App Store.

As far as opinion from all users it is the best zoo game they have ever played in a while, the visuals are exclusive and the animals look realistic. The app has exclusive, lucrative graphics with ultimate message in taking care of animals. Moreover this popular zoo game definitely has the best design and game play experience compared to any other zoo game till date. Eventually it would be the top choice for kids. In addition this game is regarded as Wonder Zoo with pretty solid specimen.

With this extensive app one could simply follow an adventurous main story by enjoying lucrative 3D graphics in a wild world. If users wish go for safari around the world then you could possibly explore 7 special maps. The users could also simply find animals and bring them back to your elite zoo. Amazingly the users could also travel back in time to the Prehistoric period and possible to save 9 exclusive dinosaur species.


In addition the users could also breed animals to create legendary species. One could also able to customize their zoo with variety of options. After successful breeding you could release the animals to save their species. Moreover the users could also repopulate the environments to unlock their Guardians. It is also possible for users to interact with favorite friends and visit their Wonder Zoo. One could also experience in combining their strong abilities to find rare animals.