The sight of some locations around the world are really breathtaking and fascinating to a point that one can spend a considerable time trying to take a perfect look. In most cases, the experience comes from past data which had earlier been captured and then presented through video or TV broadcast. What about getting the real experience right from the exact location through live video stream? This can be absolutely fun and spectacular especially if the location portrays great scenery worth watching!

The recently updated What U See app comes with an improved performance exposition to give its users unstoppable live video streaming in an amazing way. This fantastic on-demand access has been made available through the use of compatible mobile phone camera which acts as the platform for streaming live broadcast. It is time to get started and experience what the world has to offer!

Getting to Understand What U See app

Unlike other apps that one might come across, What U See app has taken a different unique approach when it comes to designing and integrating functional features of the app. Thus, an individual will discover that this app takes into account the use of inbuilt-maps, GPS signal and a mobile phone camera that is allowed to have access to the live video stream. The user is then required to enable location point, ping available users in the surrounding location and create an active connection. The next step is to get a clear view of the live video stream at different positions (actually one can turn the phone camera up, down, left or right). Interestingly, such live broadcast can then be well archived under the “My Video” menu for later view or sharing!

Suitable Devices For What U See app

When it comes to compatibility, this fantastic app has adopted stable and high-performing platforms so that the performance may remain unaltered. These include devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, iOS 8.0 or any new version is known to perform well with this great app.

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Below are the exceptional features that have been integrated in What U See app:

Live Broadcast

Apparently, this is one of the core elements that make up this app. For one to enjoy live broadcast, at first one has to activate location services. The What U See app then sends a request to the user for approval in order to facilitate connection. The other option is to click on “Broadcast” button and wait for connection. Once the connection is made, the user can enjoy live video broadcast and even get a chance to communicate with broadcasters.

Community Ranks

The What U See app comes with different ranks for its users which are mostly based on how vigorous an individual has been in interacting with other users. The ranks are in ascending order starting with the entry-level rank. They include Noob, Watcher, Observer, Scouter, Voyage and Explorer. Achieving great scores through broadcast sharing and active participation boost the ranking of the user.

Global Exploration

All the fantastic and breathtaking locations one has ever yearned are now brought into reality within an instant! Whether it is the gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, natural scenery, historical sites or even live events across the world, all this is now well facilitated with What U See app.

Efficient sharing

Actually, having a moment of sharing fascinating broadcasts with other users will also give them an opportunity to also enjoy such amazing spectacle. What U See app encourages sharing of archived broadcasts and has also integrated the feature that allows an individual to see the number of views, thumbs up and likes obtained. This can indeed induce more sharing!

Secure Platform

Due to safety concerns, What U See app has ensured that individuals can use the app without being identified. The anonymous feature integrated ensures that users enjoy great privacy with regard to their personal information and location details. Despite the use of anonymous identifier for location and score purposes, the entire app functions remain absolutely confidential.

Take a look at the Pros and Cons noted in What U See app:


· High quality live broadcast

· Great performance exhibited

· Absolutely interactive

· User-friendly platform

· Great motivation in community ranks


· Ineffective in low internet-based areas

· Mild profanity noted

Final Verdict

Clearly, What U See app is a top-rated app that not only targets explorers but also all individuals who are ready to have a fun-filled moment right at their convenient location. Designed with high quality features, this great app delivers great content and brings the entire world closer than ever. It is absolutely worth recommending! Get it today at App Store for free and bring the dream places into reality!


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