Out of the gates comes an enjoyable new endless runner game from Full Fat Productions called Agent Dash. Available for iOS platforms, Agent Dash takes the popular endless running formula used for games like Temple Run and adds its own fun, original spin. In Agent Dash you play as a secret agent, dodging obstacles and collecting gems as you make your way through an endless arsenal of dangerous traps. As you make your way through the course you collect diamond-like gems that contribute to your score and allow you to buy upgrades such as jet packs and cloaks of invisibility.


 A great addition to this game is the use of different locations throughout the levels. Unlike other runner games, Agent Dash starts from numerous locations such as a winter resort and a jungle oasis, and players make their way towards a supervillian’s secret hideout. As you progress towards the secret fortress you use cool game mechanics that aren’t found in other games, such as shooting. This adds a much needed change of pace that other runner games are lacking. These different locations also allow players to enjoy the mind blowing art work that really defines the game.

 The bright colors and fun artwork provide for well-rounded look. As you progress, you use gems and power-ups to create a larger multiplier which contributes to higher scoring. The ability to progress your character really makes Agent Dash an addictive gaming experience, as one play-through is never enough.