Score is one of the best applications on the IOS platform that is a boon for all dating lovers around the globe. The tech savvy deign as well as the development of sound nature has made this application as one of the top rated tools that is available over the IOS store. The current rating of the mobile application after 63 ratings is 5 stars and for the same reason it is considered by the fans as a magic. Launched in December 2014 the application has instantly captured a large number of users and the ratings have soared as compared to applications of similar genre.

Score has also made it possible for all the users t get in touch with the perfect match with just a set of clicks and for the same reason the use is very easy to follow in this regard. The application has been developed by Apptigo Inc. and the total installation space required is approximately 25MB. The current version of the application is 2.9.3 and it is the first and latest release of the application. It determines the matches with the help of the crazy categories that have been integrated and written within the application. Once the crazy category has been selected the random questions are then matched with the profiles of the users and the scores are then determined accordingly. The best match is then determined and the scores are also communicated to both the users in this regard. Hence they can date if they want.

In order to use the application the restriction that has been applied is that the user should be 17+ in order to make use of the application however it is never considered by the users as they manipulate the date of birth while creating a profile. The genre of the application is humor and there is mild sexual content that embeds the application. The application is compatible with the IOS 7.0 version and the developers also suggest that the themes are to be selected with care as the mature content is frequent there. The optimized version of the application has also been launched that is compatible with IOS 5. The users can also enjoy the application on their IPAD and IPOD touch. The three suggested ways to browse the content is to firstly make sure that the profiles of all individual users are searched, secondly the map can also be viewed to make sure that the best and nearest match is selected and the already created lists also make sure that the best is taken out of the content.


Dating is becoming an industry and it is also to be noted in this regard that most of the application developers from all around the world make sure that they get the best versions and features for their users so that they can excel in the market. However Apptigo s surpassed all the previous versions in this regard and has developed what is certainly a magic. The application makes sure that the best service is provided to the customers and Apptigo has definitely created a wonder.