Gaming Apps are always loved by people of all ages and they have a special place in our mobiles. Out of the many games in Store, casual games that are of great entertainment are preferred by many.One such unique game that I came across recently is the Mountain Madness. The concept of the app is to escape the avalanche that comes all the way.

What’s the app about:

The concept of Mountain Madness is to escape the hot avalanche that follows and move down hill to reach the finish line. The app features you as the penguin that skies down using a ski board. You start from a house in the ice mountain using your ski board and start moving downwards before the avalanche hits you down.

The app comes for both iPhone and Android devices and is released by JaffaJam, a leading company that helps indie game developers to reach high standards.

Working of the app:

The game app is filled with loads of fun elements. The objective is to use your thumb finger at the bottom of the screen and move it to make the penguin come down escaping the avalanche and reach the finish line. It sounds simple but the game becomes more challenging as you progress through the levels. The game puts your concentration and coordination skills to a test.

You have to avoid the trees on your way so that you do not lose a life by hitting them. However, the game rewards you more when you make a near miss as you pass through. You can also collect the treasure boxes in your way and avoid other trespassing skiers on route. Mountain Madness feature a lot of other challenging elements with different terrains on the path to make your journey tougher. Coping with all these along the fast approaching avalanche, you must hit the finish line.

Special features of the app:

The GUI and music of Mountain Madness is very aesthetic. It is a perfect time killer for both the young and the old alike. Not just the penguin, the app has options that lets you to choose any other animal like the fox, panda, bear or chicken as the main character when you make an in-app purchase.

The ad free version and other equipment can also be unlocked. Users can share the achievements  made in the game on social media by using the share button after completing each round. You can turn on/off the game sound effects and volume as and when you prefer. The ice mountains, the crash, the skies, snowboard and all take us to an enthralling word of Iceland and it is simply a lot fun. I bet you would never regret downloading the app.